Newark’s Residents Without Addresses

Who Really Cares?

Nearly 200 residents without addresses were recently evicted from 224 Sussex Avenue (Newark, NJ)  in the sweltering 100 degree heat.  Why? Because the City of Newark simply did not, and still does not give a damn. The question really is: Why must a catastrophic, deliberate effort need to happen before we really, truly show dignity and respect for the less fortunate?

Hundreds displaced after Newark closes homeless shelter during dangerous heat wave 

That would be the case for the many people who stepped-up to Newark’s challenge. Across the nation hundreds came together to embrace the sense of helplessness for what is often referred too as “homelessness.”  Yes, it is a national problem, but once it became an urgent matter of life and survival in this city…we took action.

#CommonUnity in Newark, NJ

For over ten days, the real, true warriors for justice began to rally the cry of help. Water, food, clothing, a place to rest and bathe, assistance with personal issues…you name it… we asked for it. Successfully, family and friends from the Newark  #CommonUnity, and various other states, seen and felt the pain of our residents without addresses. We refused to let it happen on our watch.

The consistent daily FaceBook LIVE feeds directed by Queen Hatari exposed the situation in real time; garnering hundreds of views for hours on end engaging conversations and feedback from the masses. Every day her social media communication served as a key medium to bridge caring individuals with the less fortunate. No holds barred. No pre-scripted script…just pure unsolicited pleas; and the nation responded.


The will-power and determination of SiStar Donna Jackson, is surely is no stranger to the strifes and woes of this city.  She single-handedly is a blessed welcome because she is the immediate go-too person to get answers for this, and every political debacle that occurs regularly in the City of Newark. Rightfully, SiStar Donna has long-earned the respected title and position as “Mother Donna: The Voice for the Voiceless.”

Munirah Bomani and Donna Jackson

The conscious overstanding of SiStar Munirah Bomani brings a sense of calm when  catastrophes such as this emerges. Notwithstanding her sense of entrepreneurship and self-determination, SiStar Munirah is also a voice for the voiceless. Standing in the gap for the LBGT community, she rose to the occasion on Sussex Avenue without any hesitation; sounding the alarm “All hands on deck.”

So, again, the question begs: Who really cares? It is clear and evident that the city administration does not. The shots have been fired and now ‘they’ have responded with the same ole rhetoric and business as usual ammunition.

How? By miraculously sequestering funds from an “anonymous” donor to front $200K for an extended 30-day stay. (The hunt is still on for the allocated monies that were earmarked to keep the shelter opened). By standing in the light and stealing the shine from those who did the real work; the real foot soldiers who serves as trustworthy resources. By commanding police presence to what has proven to be a non-violent, non-incidental a situation for the past 11 days; NPD’s presence was beckoned to merely intimidate and subliminally entice the innocent; thus closing what had become the “Sussex Avenue CommonUnity Park” (which happens to be directly across the street from the shelter).

Where do we go from here? We keep on keeping on. We need your help. We need to integrate every resource and connect our contacts across the nation to stand with us. We are striving to take back our city. We are working toward a goal that not one single man, woman, boy, girl or child is forced to remain a ‘citizen without an address. Newark in its prime was once a ‘Renaissance City’ but at this hour, she must become a ‘Requiem City for Resurgence.’  We are the force to make it happen. Join us…


Peace and Blessings,

P. Renae Brooks – #WalkTheWalk


Newark’s Residents Without Addresses


EVENT: STOP THE KILLING: CONDEMN DONALD TRUMP MIASS RALLY – Lafayette Park – Washington, D.C. – Saturday – April 21, 2018 – 10 am (Gathering) Rally – 1 pm

CONTACT: 202.549.4205 or 301.513.5445


WASHINGTON, D.C. By Doshon Farad – For over six years we have witnessed an ever-increasing pandemic of unjust killings of Black people, Black men in particular, across the nation. During this current era in the sojourn of African (Black) people in America where we are witnessing the virtual wholesale killing of Black people by law enforcement, one can be easily reminded of the anti-lynching campaign advocated heavily by Ida B. Wells via the pen.

Although tragic, we should not be surprised, however, by police brutality disproportionately impacting the Black community since police departments were initially established as slave patrols pre-Emancipation to keep us (Black people) in line; and it is quite obvious that their descendants, modern-day police officers, still serve the same purpose.

Many activists and observers feel, that this has been further fueled by the election of President Donald J. Trump whose brief time in office has produced, as scholar Dr. Michael Eric Dyson asserts, “white supremacy on steroids.”

During a July 2017 address to law enforcement officers, he (Trump) said “please don’t be too nice to suspects who are arrested…” and encouraged arresting officers not to follow the long practiced procedure of protecting the heads of suspects from hitting the edge of police cars while being placed in custody. Since Trump took office it appears that many police officers are now having a free-for-all with brutalizing Black citizens.

The most recent tragedy is the case of unarmed 34-year-old Brooklyn (NY) resident Saheed Vassell, who was shot seven to nine times by NYPD officers just days ago. Police said they believed Vassell was mentally ill and ‘thought’ he (Vassell) was aiming a gun at them. It turned out to be a curved metal pipe.

Last month Sacramento (CA) police shot and killed unarmed 22-year-old Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard. Officers said they ‘mistook’ his cellphone for a gun.  They claimed that they were in pursuit of Clark because they believed him to be a robbery suspect.  Police Chief Daniel Hahn, who is the city’s first African-American to hold the post, admitted that during the apprehension his officers had turned off their body cameras.

On Thursday (April 5) it was announced that Officer Howie Lake II, who was involved in the July 2016 case of 34-year-old Baton Rouge man Alton Sterling (who was shot and killed by Lake’s partner Officer Blane Salamoni) while selling CDs in front of a convenient store, was allowed to return to work after serving only a three-day suspension amid a two year investigation into the case. Salamoni who fired the six shots killing Sterling was fired last week but is not charged with a crime. These cases have sparked protests calling for these officers to be fired and charged with murder, as well as reform in law enforcement departments across America.

Incidents such as these are why activists are holding the 10,000 Black Men’s SAVE OUR SONS: STOP THE KILLING march and rally against Trump on April 21; right in front of the White House. The march is a part of the five-day 10,000 Black Men’s Convention set to take place in Washington from April 18-22, which promises to draw thousands.

Topping the gathering’s agenda is a call for an immediate end to police brutality as well as the firing and charging of officers who have been involved in the unjust killings of Black people.

Rally organizers, including scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West and National President of Black Lawyers for Justice, Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, say they plan to verbally blast the president and his administration for giving police officers a free pass to brutalize the Black community.

Participants will hear from the relatives of police brutality victims as well as police brutality survivors each narrating their nightmarish experiences with savage officers.

4.21 WARRIOR WOMAN FLYER.FB_IMG_1522418850419

National Black Men’s Convention chair Malik Z. Shabazz says “The families of police murder victims will stand alongside 10,000 Black Men or 100,000 people for that matter, and will be on Donald Trump’s doorstep Saturday, April 21 demanding his immediate resignation or removal from office.  The escalating pace of police killings nationwide are international human rights violations and we must seek United Nations assistance and international remedies because the Trump Administration deliberately fails to act on rogue police murderers across this nation.”  –end–

 #Condemn Trump #Remove Trump #Paint the White House Black #10000BlackMen #StopTheKilling

For more information and to register visit:  and


5 DAY FLYER.NEW.IMG_3017001.jpg



Washington, D.C – On Saturday, April 21, 2018 (1 pm – 8 pm) the largest national Black-led opposition rally against President Trump ever will take place outside of the White House in Washington D.C. A stage and sound permit has been afforded to the national advocacy group Black Lawyers for Justice and the 10,000 Black Men’s March for a massive rally to condemn Donald Trump in Lafayette Park. The main rally begins at 1:00 pm at the White House.

The CONDEMN TRUMP rally will also address the violence and murder inside the Black community and is the highlight of the National Black Men’s Convention, which is Wednesday, April 18- Sunday, April 22 in Washington D.C.

Over 100 Black organizations and leaders say they will stand united and condemn the appalling bigotry and racism of the Trump administration and announce definitive plans for his removal from office.

March host, Malik Zulu Shabazz, National President of Black Lawyers for Justice states, “We allege President Donald Trump is racist and has white supremacist practices.  President Trump presents clinically unstable and he is a danger to himself and others.  We as Black men, and we as a people must immediately end the violence and self-genocide in our community in order to focus on removing Donald Trump from office and establishing a government of our own.”


Supporters of the 10,000 Black Men’s March allege that Donald Trump is bigoted, racist, is of bad character and is otherwise unfit and should be immediately removed from office. According to recent polls, 60% of the American public believes Trump to be bigoted.

Starting at 1 pm from a stage and official platform outside President Trump’s door, invited guests will speak to Trump’s racism, bigotry and otherwise demand Trump’s immediate removal.  African- American issues of self-determination and other core demands of President Trump and the United States Government will be made including full and complete Reparations for 400 years of slavery, oppression, and segregation.

Speakers include 10,000 Black Men’s Convention Host, Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. (National President of Black Lawyers for Justice), leading writer-activist Professor, Dr. Cornel West (Harvard University) New Black Panther Party Chairman Hashim Nzinga, the daughter of Malcolm X, Ilyasah Shabazz, Black Lives Matter Representatives, Mr. Jauhar Abraham, D.C. Council members and Council candidates, many local and national grassroots activists, as well as men’s and youth groups, representatives from NAACP, National Action Network, American Institute for Human Rights and over 100 independent Black organizations from around the nation.

Expected to also speak are Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Tameka Mallory (National Women’s March), representatives of Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Lost-Found Nation of Islam under Honorable Silis Muhammad, Reverend Al Sharpton, NFL former quarterback-activist Colin Kaepernick and the top activists in America. Representatives from Ferguson, Missouri-(Mike Brown), activists from Freddie Gray Baltimore Rebellion of 2015, freedom fighters from the Charlottesville Unite-The Right White riot of 2017, immigration and anti-racism advocates. Music will be provided by Deejays and Team Familiar and Backyard band.

The pre-White House rally gathers at 10:00 am at Howard University and 2100 Martin Luther King Avenue (the BIG CHAIR) in SE Washington D.C.

“STOP THE KILLING” and the violence will also be a major theme addressed on Saturday, April 21, 2018. The level of homicide and gun violence in the Black community is unacceptable and activists from around the nation will speak to this subject and speak to Donald Trump’s negligence on the gun control issue.  

The 10,000 Black Men’s March is a follow-up effort by some of the activists who helped organize and participated in the 1995 Million Man March.  The Million Man March focused on self-responsibility for Black men and fathers and cleaning up Black communities. –END-

National Black Men’s Convention 

Dates: April 18 -22 (except Saturday)

Location: Shiloh Baptist Church – 1500 9th Street NW Washington, D.C.

Time 12 Noon – 10 pm daily.  Workshops 12 Noon – 5 pm and evening program from 6 pm – 10 pm daily



Contact: or 


#Condemn Trump #Remove Trump #Paint the White House Black #!10000BlackMen


Condemn Donald J. Trump; not Farrakhan – Lobby Capitol Hill on 3.19.18

WHEN: Monday – March 19 – 10:00 am News Conference

11 am -3pm Congressional Lobbying Campaign

WHERE: In front of Rayburn House Congressional Building on Capitol Hill

45 Independence Avenue SW – Washington, D.C.

CONTACT: Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. (Black Lawyers for Justice)  202.549.4205 or 301.513.5445

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Black leaders and organizations are aggressively responding to calls from the GOP for Democrats and Congressional Black Caucus members to officially condemn, by a congressional resolution, Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, for alleged racist and anti-Semitic statements in his February 25, 2018, Convention speech.

FLYER2.facebook_1521171609729 (1)

Over 100 organizational leaders will go office-to-office to deal with the GOP representatives that are leading this campaign, in specific Congressman Todd Rokita. The lobbyist will visit members of the Congressional Black Caucus who are under pressure to condemn Minister Farrakhan though the Congressional Black Caucus has yet to muster enough strength to introduce a resolution condemning that he repeated, vile and foul bigoted and reckless comments by President Donald Trump.

The Monday, March 19, 2018, congressional lobbying mission is spearheaded by Black Lawyers for Justice, the 10,000 Black Men’s March organizers, National Action Network, the New Black Panther Party, Anacostia Citizens for Justice, Prince Georges County Peoples Coalition, Black Lives Matter and Black organizations from several states.

Black Lawyers for Justice National President Malik Zulu Shabazz says, “We cannot allow a politically hypocritical political situation to exist whereas an openly racist president, Donald Trump is given a free pass to spew racist venom and racist policies by a confederate based GOP; and then they have the gall to issue an official legislative condemnation of a private citizen and Black leader who is dearly beloved by the masses.” Mr. Shabazz has known Minister Louis Farrakhan for 30 years and has served on some of his key campaigns as an ally, supporter, and advisor.

The coalition will be lobbying key members of Congress-the GOP in particular-to condemn President Donald J. Trump and to leave Louis Farrakhan alone. Please do not try to stop us because we will not turn back. We will represent professionally and politically vigorously. –more-

This lobbying day is a prequel to the upcoming Saturday, April 21 “10,000 Black Men’s March Against Donald J. Trump.”  The rally begins in SE Washington D.C. to the White House and the first major Black anti-Trump rally will take place. Dr. Cornel West will keynote the rally along with host Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. and Minister Hashim Nzinga leader of the New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter.

The National Black Men’s Convention and 10,000 Black Men’s March will take place in the nation’s capital from April 18-22 at the historic Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. The 10,000 Black Men’s March Coalition is a nationwide coalition that is composed of 300 Black Organizations. –END-

FLYER 1.facebook_1521058845296

Condemn Donald J. Trump; not Farrakhan – Lobby Capitol Hill on 3.19.18

Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq.


Attorney, Educator, Activist,

Worldwide Professional Organizer 


Dr. and Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz is one of the pillars of the Black movement and is likely the most experienced speaker on the lecture circuit inside the United States of America and the world.

Attorney Shabazz is currently litigating some of the most high-profile cases in America involving race and justice and police abuse. In this current era of our struggle, Attorney Shabazz has established a stellar career of near-unparalleled record of accomplishment of effective organizing, lecturing, and litigating.  Mr. Shabazz has maintained a frontline position in the fight for justice with cutting-edge lawyering and otherwise exemplary work as a Black professional.

From the 2014 street struggles and Federal Court battles against police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri, to the burning streets of the Baltimore, Maryland rebellion after the police killing of Freddie Gray in 2015, Malik Zulu Shabazz has been at the front of the current fight, fearlessly advocating for justice and organizing.  From the grassroots organizing of the 1995 Million Man March, the legendary battles over the 1998 Million Youth March in New York City, to countless mass marches and controversial street demonstrations nationwide – Malik Zulu Shabazz has served in the trenches of Black liberation and has displayed a tenaciousness in his leadership that has inspired and affected millions in America and worldwide.

As the founder and current National President of Black Lawyers for Justice ( and Black Rights Matter (,  Attorney Shabazz continues to make great strides in the legal field.  All along his activist career, Mr. Shabazz maintained a Civil Rights practice and personal injury practice which serves and gives justice to victims. Amongst Attorney Shabazz’ successful cases have been: The Million Youth March Court battles (1998-1999), Washington DC public school- jail abuse cases (2003) (Robertson and Harrington v. District of Columbia), consumer racism cases (Lamons v. Korean Grocers), (Estate of Kareem Ali v. Montgomery County), (2010) and now several high profile Federal Court cases currently fill Mr. Shabazz’ calendar. Amongst Attorney Shabazz’ current important nationally known cases are:

  1. Malik Z. Shabazz, Esq. (Black Lawyers for Justice) and Reginald A. Greene Esq. (Greene Legal Group in Atlanta, GA) represented the family of Anthony Green of Kingsland, GA. Tony Green was a 33-year old Black man was shot multiple times and murdered on June 20, 2018 by a local police officer who had a history of use of force incidents and complaints of stalking and profiling African Americans. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation obtained arrest warrants and on June 27, Officer Zachariah Presley was arrested and charged with one count of voluntary manslaughter and violation of oath of office. Bond was denied.

facebook_1530928403784Family and Attorneys of Tony Green Hold Press Conference in Response to the Arrest of Cop Zechariah Presley

Group Calls for Upgraded Charge against Ex-Kingsland Officer

2.  The Ferguson Protestor Case. (White v. Missouri et, al) A current key case in the Federal Court of the Eastern District of Missouri which addresses the police riot against innocent bystanders and protestors in the immediate aftermath of Mike Brown’s shooting on August 9, 2014. The Court of Appeals recently reinstated the case after a dismissal by a conservative lower court.


Associated Press/KMOX (September 13, 2017) Federal Appeals Court to Rehear Ferguson Lawsuit

Bukowski, D. (August 29, 2017) Voice of Detroit Black Lawyers for Justice Sues Ferguson Police for Civil Rights Violations after Murder of Michael Brown

  1. The Darius Robinson Jail Death Case. (Robinson v. Caddo County OK et, al) Darius Robinson was choked to death and killed in April 2016 by Caddo County, Oklahoma Jail Guards after Being Arrested and Robinson was Also Neglected.

KSWO ABC7 (June 22, 2016) Caddo Co Inmate’s Death Ruled Homicide

  1. Attorney Shabazz is currently litigating the case in Federal Court in the Western District of Oklahoma. The death of Darius Robinson is important because too many Black Men die under mysterious circumstances behind bars and this has to come to an end.

KSWO ABC7 (August 30, 2016) Federal Lawsuit Filed in the Caddo County Strangling Death of Darius Robinson

  1. The Darrius Stewart Police Shooting Case. (Stewart v. Memphis, et, al). In July 2015, unarmed, young Darrius Stewart was shot and killed in an altercation with Memphis police officer Conner Schilling.

WMC TV5 (July 18, 2015. Updated July 20, 2015) Family: Officer Killed 19-year-old after Mistaking Him for Someone Else

Black Lawyers for Justice Represents Darrius Stewart (Memphis, TN) Family of Darrius Stewart Seeks $17 Million in Wrongful Death Suit

  1. The Corey Long Charlottesville Protestor Case. (Commonwealth of Virginia v. Long). On August 12, 2017, Corey Long, a 23-year old African-American was demonstrating against the Unite the Right Rally, where upwards of 6,000 white supremacists, Nazi’s, Klan, and white nationalists led by Richard Spencer, violently descended upon the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, VA.  One woman was killed by these white supremacists at the rally. Long used a homemade flamethrower to defend himself but has been recently charged by authorities with assault.


WVIR NBC29 (September 28, 2017. Updated October 12, 2017) Black Lawyers for Justice Announce Lawsuit against Charlottesville

Dr. Malik Shabazz has lectured and taught at prestigious higher learning institutions such as: Georgetown University, Howard University, American University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of London, Cal State University-Long Beach, Morehouse College, Northern Illinois University, North Carolina A&T University, University of Cincinnati, University of Florida, Medgar Evers College, Ramapo College, University Texas Austin, University of the District of Columbia, Earlham University, and many others.

Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz has been an ordained Minister in the field of Black Liberation Theology since 1996. Mr. Shabazz has surprised many with his theological depth and preaching skills. He has preached in many churches and mosques and has been blessed to deliver key messages at major spiritual houses of worship, such as Ebenezer Baptist Church of Maryland, Union Temple Baptist Church of Washington DC, Saviours’ Day for the Nation of Islam and Masjids or Mosques as far away as Soweto, South Africa.  Shabazz’ message has been heard on the Mall in Washington before millions and in the halls of the United States Congress; also on the streets of New York via the Million Youth March, the Sharpeville Commemoration in 2013 in South Africa (Azania) and has also spoken in the diplomatic venues of Harare, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Barbados.



Dr. Shabazz is a product of the heyday of Black consciousness and student activism of the late 1980s-1990s.  Throughout his undergraduate and law school career at Howard University, Mr. Shabazz was a leading student organizer and student revolutionary who helped to spearhead administration building takeovers and produce some of the most controversial and historic public lectures on campus that still today remain ranked as the greatest student programs of all time.


Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz served as a key aide and spokesman for the legendary and immortal Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.  He was the key organizer and defender for Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad in his toughest of times and Shabazz sponsored Dr. Muhammad to Howard University on multiple occasions. Dr. Khallid Muhammad chose Mr. Shabazz as his National Director of Khallid Muhammad’s highly controversial Million Youth March in Harlem, New York in 1998, as well as his (Muhammad’s) successor over the New Black Panther Party prior to Minister Muhammad’s untimely passing in February 2001.  In the case of the Million Youth March, Shabazz was a part of the legal team that scored historic victories over the City of New York in 1998 and 1999, which allowed the mass gatherings to take place.

Currently, Dr. Shabazz is completing the writing and publishing of THE BOOK OF KHALLID, the groundbreaking and illuminating book on the teachings and history of Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad. (Release date 2018).

Dr. Shabazz has served the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as a co-convener to Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 2005 “Millions More Movement” 10-year anniversary of the Million Man March on the National Mall in Washington, DC.  Mr. Shabazz came under the direct influence of Minister Farrakhan after inviting him to Howard University to successful events as both an undergraduate and law student and at other times, Mr. Shabazz has served as a direct advisor and consultant to Mr. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who has stated publicly, “We must place all we have at the feet of Malik Zulu Shabazz.” (Boston, 2004).

Succeeding Dr. Khallid Muhammad as New Black Panther Party Chairman from 2001 to 2013, Mr. Shabazz was known for his oratory, organizing and activism skills.   For 12 years under his leadership, The New Black Panther Party was the standard bearer and largest and leading advocated for Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism and self-defense inside America.  Facing intense opposition in the post-September 11, 2001 era, Mr. Shabazz and the New Black Panther were credited with consistently attacking racial injustices in city after city across America.  Mr. Shabazz is the longest serving Chairman of any Panther formation in history and he made significant gains in furthering the works of Huey P. Newton, Stokely Carmichael, and the original Panthers in the modern era.

Malik Zulu Shabazz is a world speaker, traveler, and a certified advanced Pan-African organizer in many parts of the globe, including South Africa, Japan, Zimbabwe, Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Canada, England, and Mexico.  After traveling to South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2013 with the New Black Panther Party, Mr. Shabazz and his hosts (the luminous Pan Africanist Congress of Azania) have spearheaded the Worldwide Pan African Movement (WWPAM), which currently operates in 30 nations worldwide.


In 2015 Malik Zulu Shabazz founded the Black Men’s Movement. The Black Men’s Movement reflects Mr. Shabazz belief that the condition of Black men is indispensable to the Black family and the Black community. As one of the organizers of the Million Man March (1995), Mr. Shabazz strongly believes that the values imparted at the Million Man March should be followed-up and solidified in our community.  The Black Men’s Movement currently has scheduled the National Black Men’s Convention (April 17-22, 2018) and 10,000 Black Men’s March (April 21, 2018) in Washington, D.C. These events will address such tough issues as crime, Donald Trump, fathering, employment, economics, countering racism and white supremacy and other critical matters. (See enclosed information packet).

Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz has been unwavering in his opposition to racism and white supremacy and has displayed great character by not retreating, compromising, or selling out.  Attorney Shabazz has faced stiff and vehement opposition from the power structure, racist whites in specific. Malik Zulu Shabazz has unflinchingly faced direct attacks and opposition from state governors and mayors alike. He has been opposed by a myriad of forces of evil but has not compromised or retreated from the liberation struggle.


Despite being beset upon by powerful forces, Malik Zulu Shabazz has not bowed down nor compromised.  He has remained intelligent, dignified, and defiant as howling, racist and reactionary liars have defamed him, and powerful persons have sought him harm.  Mr. Shabazz is a spiritual man and he gives God the glory for the mercy and protection afforded to him as he walks the divine ancestral path of Minister Malcolm X, Honorable Marcus Garvey, Stokely Carmichael, Honorable Huey P. Newton, Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Honorable Johnnie L. Cochran, Honorable Charles Hamilton Houston and Honorable Khallid Abdul Muhammad and other greats who have served us.



National Black Men’s Convention and 10,000 Black Men’s March – April 18 – 22 – Shiloh Baptist Church – Washington, DC

Black Lawyers for Justice – Press conference and Town Hall Meeting – Justice for Black Iowa – Justice for 600 Breezy

Activists claiming bias in probation case involving rapper

Keynote Speaker University of Iowa – Navigating Interactions with Law Enforcement

Sponsored by: African-American Cultural Center – Kappa Psi Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Alpha Theta Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha


Keynote speaker CADHUBEV Student Pan-African Conference –

Universidad Del Valle – Cali, Colombia

Message to the Black Peoples of Jamaica and the Caribbean

Sponsored by: Worldwide Pan African Movement

Charlottesville Victim Get Support from Black Lawyers for Justice

Black Lawyers for Justice to File Lawsuit against Charlottesville – NewsOne Now with Roland Martin

Charlottesville Activists Declare no Unity without Justice

National Black Men’s Convention and 10,000 Black Men’s March Launch Rally

Cornel West and Malik Zulu Shabazz call 10,000 Black Men – Written by Doshon Farad

Shabazz University Grand Opening: Live Lecture and Broadcast with Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz and Others

Sponsored by:

Convened over 2500 attendees at the Debate of the Decade: Malik Zulu Shabazz vs Dr. Cornel West – National Press Club in Washington, DC

Dr. Cornel West vs Atty Malik ‘Zulu ‘Shabazz

Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz and Dr. Cornel West Blacknews102 Press Conference

Shabazz Publishing & Media: Book of Khallid Author and Publisher

2016 National Convention of the Oppressed (Cleveland, OH)

National Convention of the Oppressed, ‘counter-convention to RNC, kicks off

Black Lawyers for Justice Represents Darrius Stewart (Memphis, TN)

Family of Darrius Stewart Seeks $17 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Darrius Stewart Lawsuit Filed (Memphis, TN)

Black Lawyers for Justice Represents Darius Robinson (Caddo County, OK)

$75 million lawsuit filed in death of Darius Robinson

C-Span speech[]=34583


Black Lawyers for Justice Represent Walter Scott (Charleston, SC)

Tow hall meeting focuses on response to South Carolina shootings

Malik Zulu Shabazz discusses a police shooting in South Carolina

Black Lawyers for Justice, National and Community Leaders Condemn Freddie Gray Investigation: Call for City Shut-Down (Baltimore, MD)

Malik Shabazz speech in Baltimore

2014 Ferguson

In Ferguson, Nation of Islam Members Push for Peace after Michael Brown Shooting

Who’s Who of Ferguson Protests: Leaders, Activists: If there’s anyone really angling to become the leader of the Ferguson protests, it’s Malik Zulu Shabazz

Ferguson MO: Malik Zulu Shabazz on ALJAZEERA America TV

Black Lawyers for Justice Federal Court Missouri

Ferguson, St. Louis County Hit with Civil Rights Suit over Protests


Spearheaded Speaking Tour and Fact-Finding Mission to South Africa and Zimbabwe: Worldwide Pan-African Movement

The New Black Panther Party and the PAC: A Brotherhood of Convenience

Malik Zulu Shabazz in South Africa

Your Black World Exclusive: Malik Zulu Shabazz

Black Conscious Speakers Bureau Lecture Series

Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz at Georgia State University

In the streets of New York City via the Million Youth March and the Sharpeville Commemoration in South Africa (Azania) as well as the diplomatic venues of Harare, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Barbados


$10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head


Sean Hannity Denies Association with White Supremacist


Shabazz Human Services Consulting.  Mastered company operations medical clinical psychological youth rehabilitative services etc.

Malik Shabazz on Bill O’Reilly Show (145,075 views)

Attorney Shabazz was legal counsel for Megan Williams, the West Virginia woman tortured and abused by white supremacists: Largest mass march and first hate crimes convictions ever

 NBPP Malik Shabazz on Fox with Michelle Malkin (28,223 views)


Cuba Duke University Lacrosse Team Shook the Sports World

Malik Shabazz on Hannity and Colmes (133,571 views)

Malik Shabazz defends Farrakhan’s theories on New Orleans’ levees being blown up.


Minister Louis Farrakhan Millions More Movement – Washington DC Mall


Acquired and maintained series of properties in low-income areas to combat gentrification and as a model for Black economic power


Legal victories for Washington, DC victims of school abuse

2001 Khallid Abdul Muhammad passes

Bachman, J. (February 17, 2001) ABC News. Khallid Muhammad, Black Militant. Dies

Associated Press (February 16, 2001) Nation of Islam Associate: Ex-Official Dies After Suffering Hemorrhage

Khallid Abdul Muhammad


National Chairman Shabazz assumes helm of the New Black Panther Party

1998 Young Lawyer of the Year Award” Award – National Bar Association

Co-counsel in the historic Million Youth March v Safir (1998) cases that set First Amendment precedence in New York City


Malik Zulu Shabazz passes the Bar exam on the first attempt

Founder and currently serves as National President of Black Lawyers for Justice

Served as a legal and political advisor to O.J. Simpson, who was Shabazz guest at the B.L.F.J. Conference, held October 28, 1996, in Washington


Malik Zulu Shabazz graduates Howard University Law School.

Played a key role in organizing the historic 1995 Million Man March

Shabazz convened the infamous “Black Holocaust Conference” on April 19, 1994.

Dr. Khalid Muhammad – The Black Holocaust (Howard University) (239,173 views)


Shabazz enrolled in Howard University Law School to pursue a legal career in human and civil rights.


After the verdict in Simi Valley, CA on April 29, 1992 acquitting the Los Angeles Police officers of all charges for the infamous and shocking beating of Rodney King on March 3, 1991, Shabazz was arrested in Washington DC for purportedly spearheading a riot in Georgetown, at a prestigious white shopping and residential enclave surrounding Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Cohen, M. (January 19, 2001) The New Black Panther Party looks at whites and sees red.

In the summer of 1992 Shabazz served as security and campaign spokesman for former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry, who had been released from prison following a conviction on drug charges and returned with a stunning City Council victory in Ward 8.  In these years young Shabazz would be an understudy to Mr. Barry and study first-hand the science of grassroots community politics.


Malik Zulu Shabazz toured nationally and internationally with the rap group Defiant Giants.  Defiant Giants groundbreaking video ‘Rise Blackman Rise’ was a regular on B.E.T. Rap City.


Shabazz also was one of the only activists to actively dispersed anti-Farrakhan rally, as Shabazz did at the University of Maryland in April 1989

Shabazz hosted, the legendary fiery former spokesman for Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and former New Black Panther National Chairman Khallid Muhammad (1948-2001) at Howard University.

Helped spearhead the infamous 1989 Howard University Administration Building takeovers.

Goldberg, J. and Feinberg, L. (March 10, 1989) Victorious Howard students end siege of building. Washington Post

1989–May Malik Zulu Shabazz graduated from Howard University with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a minor in history.


Shabazz forms the student group Progressive Student Movement, later to be renamed Unity Nation, a Black Nationalist student activist organization.  In November 1988 Shabazz invited Minister Louis Farrakhan to his college campus in what would begin a near thirty-year unique relationship.  Shabazz helped organize the Howard University Administration building takeovers in the spring of 1989 along with student radical Ras Baraka, son of Amiri Baraka, now the current Mayor of Newark. 

1985–1986 Shabazz (at the time Paris Lewis, a Disc Jockey named D.J. King Paris) is educated and indoctrinated by radical Pan African, Black Nationalist political science professors at Howard University Political Science Department.

1998 – 2009 Series of debates on national media

Press Conference (12,632 views)

Megyn Kelly challenges former Black Panther leader (413,906 views)

Malik Shabazz on Bill O’Reilly Show (146,080 views)



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Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq.

There Are No Successful Black Nations

And the indignity and helplessness of blacks in America won’t end until we have a first-world African nation to lift up our people.

TOPSHOT - Illegal migrants sit on the dock at the Tripoli port after 115 migrants of African origins were rescued by two coast guard boats at sea when their boat started sinking off the Libyan coast on April 11, 2016.  / AFP / Mahmud TURKIA        (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

n the wake of fresh deaths at the hands of police officers in the world’s greatest nation, we, the people of the black race, are once again the object of renewed worldwide attention.

Questions of injustice in the United States have been duly raised and protested. And, once again, the black cultural elites in America have seized various platforms to air their grievances and are mostly — and rightly — talking about racism, discrimination, racial profiling, and hate, among other issues. But one issue that has hardly been talked about is the core reason why black people have remained synonymous with the denigrating experience of racism. It is, I dare say, because of the worldwide indignity of the black race.

Racism is not limited to the Unites States. There is no nonblack nation, even among the most liberal ones, where the black man is dignified. History dealt us an unforgiving blow in the incursion of foreigners into black lands. The Arabs enslaved tribes and nations and then colonized and evangelized them. Then came the Europeans, who, persuaded the Africans were of an inferior race, divided up the continent over lunch in Berlin in 1884. They carted off a large population of its people — sometimes leaving entire villages almost empty — and brought those who remained on the continent under their rule. So complete was the transformation that no black nation retained its ancestral nationhood, national language, or national identity. And today we often hear of how China or India or some other nation is “taking over” Africa economically. There is almost no nation whose majority is of a different race that has not spat on the face of the black person, at one time or the other.

Be assured, the indignity will continue. Black elites and activists across the world have adopted a culture of verbal tyranny in which they shut down any effort to reason or criticize us or black-majority nations by labeling such attempts as “racism” or “hate speech.” Thus, one can be certain that any suggestions that our race may indeed need to do something to remedy our situation will not be aired — not by the terrified people of other races. And anyone within our race who makes such a suggestion will be deemed weak and pandering or a sellout, as U.S. President Barack Obama has been repeatedly calledThus, no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse.

Thus, no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse.

Early African-American intellectuals and cultural elites saw that the future of their race could not be advanced by endless protests or marches of “equality” or “justice.” It could only be done through the restoration of the trampled dignity of the black man. Great men like Marcus Garvey, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Malcolm X all knew that a people is only respected when it has a nation worthy of respect. A man who lives in a shack cannot expect to be treated with respect at a palace. They knew that for us to reclaim power we must first reclaim dignity and that this comes through the construction of a solid black state with a demonstrable level of development and prosperity — and which can stand as a powerful advocate for the global black.

Today, no such state exists.

Nigeria, the most populous black nation on Earth, is on the brink of collapse. The machineries that make a nation exist, let alone succeed, have all eroded. One might argue that the nation’s creation by self-seeking white imperialists engendered its failure from the beginning, as I did in my recent novel. But this is only a part of the cause. A culture of incompetence, endemic corruption, dignified ineptitude, and, chief among all, destructive selfishness and greed has played a major role in its unravelling. The same, sadly, can be said for most other African nations. States like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea are farcical democracies ruled by men who exclusively cater to their interests and those of their clipped circles.

Thus, it is no surprise that in the absence of any healthy black nation — in the midst of chaos, senseless wars, corrupted religiosity, violence, and economic collapse — African and Caribbean people leave home en masse. They beg on the streets of Greece, prostitute in the red-light zones of the Netherlands, and make up 40 percent of the migrants flocking to Europe. As they turn up in these countries, helpless, unwanted, starved, or maimed, they are treated like dogs. Last month in Italy, a newly married Nigerian man was murdered simply for being unwanted. Everywhere from Ukraine to India, nearly every day, black indignity, black helplessness, stares us in the face. And all we do, we who hold the platform can do, is scream “racism!” and court the sympathy of others.

The Yoruba say, “Eniyan bi aparo ni omo araye n’fe,” meaning the world loves a person who is like a partridge. The partridge is a poor bird that, enfeebled by its creation, has little ability to hunt, gather, protect, or feed itself. The Yoruba believe that the world loves these birds because they provide the space for people to show both sincere and insincere sympathy while holding firm to their position as the superior and maintaining the place of the partridge as the weak. Which is to say that if the partridge relies on the sympathy of others, it will not elevate its position. If we, black people everywhere, cannot gather the resources within our powers to exert real changes and restore our dignity, we will continue to be seen as weak

If we, black people everywhere, cannot gather the resources within our powers to exert real changes and restore our dignity, we will continue to be seen as weak

. Our protestations and grievances will be met with sympathy, which does nothing to inspire respect.

Black elites should allow for self-criticism and soul-searching and for the restoration of the Pan-Africanist movement with an eye toward building sustainable black nations. We must come to realize that to a great extent the fate of the black man in America is inextricably linked to that of his brother in Africa. Although largely unacknowledged in American political discourse, Jim Crow ended in part because of the African Independent movements. Jaja Nwachukwu, a 1960s-era Nigerian foreign minister and avowed Pan-Africanist who was close friends with American Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson, once recalled how American officials were embarrassed when African ministers attended official events in New York’s U.N. headquarters and were treated with honor as representatives of sovereign countries. They were ashamed, for instance, when American blacks could not use the same bathroom as the Africans, just as black. The American blacks were further empowered when African nations started becoming independent, black-governed nation-states, beginning with Ghana in 1957 and followed shortly afterward by other African nations.

As long as we continue to ignore Africa’s continuous wallowing in senseless poverty and destructive failures, as long as the Congolese or the Haitian remains the poster child for poverty and lack, we will remain undignified. As long as we continue to ignore our own self-assessment and soul-searching, we will remain the undignified race. Sadig Rasheed, one of the leading African politicians of the 1980s, once told Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski: “I worry about whether African societies will be able to assume a self-critical stance, and much depends on this.” I add: Our dignity — and even survival — will depend on this.

There Are No Successful Black Nations

Press Release: National Men’s Convention To Be Held

10000 top

Reverend Jeanette Marie Pollard, RN, M.Div.
Host: “Culture, Class, and Consciousness”
Fridays, 7-8pm EST, live on WBGR Gospel Network

The press conference to kick off the National Black Men’s Convention was held in the Black-owned southeast DC restaurant, Cheers, directly across from the Big Chair, on Monday, October 16, 2017. That day marked the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March, convened by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. As I parked and walked toward the building, I could see in the not too far off distance, at least 2 tall structures being built right on MLK Avenue. Even Anacostia has not escaped the greedy tentacles of that octopus otherwise known as “gentrification.” The sight of those buildings reminded me of the several cities I traveled to back in 2005 for work: Phoenix, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Chicago, and my hometown Detroit. The movement was the same: the movement of working class and poor Black people out of the city, with the replacement by young, white urban professionals, also coined in earlier years as “yuppies.” Well, the terms may have changed…now they are called “millennials”, but the intended result is the same: the removal of and destruction of the Black community. I personally witnessed the destruction of Paradise Valley, Detroit, the booming Black business district, when the Chrysler Freeway (part of the massive I-75 interstate), came through and literally divided the neighborhood. Aretha Franklin’s (C.L.) father’s church went; the Flame Show Bar, where Della Reese and Dinah Washington sang, went; Barthwell Drugs, the Willis Theatre, Lord David Tuxedo and Cleaners…they all went. All of these Black businesses were wiped out by “urban renewal (Negro removal).”

The same pattern has and is happening across America, but none with such viciousness as witnessed right here in the District of Columbia. While many are selling out to the developers including Mayor Bowser, several city council people, and even ANC’s, there is a collective group of concerned and conscious activists, who have joined forces under the encouragement and direction of longtime activist, agitator, and attorney, Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz. What makes his organizing so unique is that Mr. Shabazz is not trying to form an organization that is one dimensional. It was clear from the wide array of activists (and leaders in their own right), who were present at the press conference, that Mr. Shabazz’s intention and motivation, is to get various leaders and groups together, for the common goal of overall liberation of Black people.

Mr. Shabazz’s charisma, as well as his divine calling to assist in the liberation of our people, has made him a target of those who do not understand the calling of a prophet. A prophet is not only one who is given the divine gift of “foretelling.” The role of the prophet also includes “forth-telling”…that is, declaring the truth about something that others may know, but are afraid to declare.
Following the press conference, several leaders of conscious Black groups met to discuss plans for the upcoming National Black Men’s Convention, to be held in April 2018. Attorney Shabazz and others who spoke, sounded the alarm about the state of Black men and the Black nation, and what we can do, including Black women, to assist in the effort to strengthen the backs of Black men, many of whom have been bowed down as a result of many factors, most of all racism and white supremacy.

Attorney Shabazz’s comprehensive approach to the rebuilding of the Black man, ergo the Black nation, will focus on economic empowerment, physical and mental health, mass incarceration, self -defense, legal defense, gentrification and housing, employment, education, and Pan Africanism. Moved by the call for unification that Attorney Shabazz issued, one brother Lumumba, traveled from Australia to be a part of and champion the cause of the Congo nation. The coalition that gathered together on Monday was truly a coalition of “freedom fighters”, each with his/her own specialty. Each person and group has a role to play in our liberation, Attorney Shabazz emphasized. There is no big “I” or little “you.” Everyone, including the youth, have a role to play in the uplifting of our people. The journalist is just as important as the self- defense expert. The man selling products to the Black community is just as important as the healthcare professional. That is the beauty of diversity and yet working together.

As the planning continues for the upcoming National Black Men’s Convention, this reporter encourages those who read this post, not to go to the negative articles that have been written about Attorney Shabazz; those articles that portray him as “dangerous”; those who feel threatened by a Black man who refuses to “stay in his place.” Those of us who are conscious to some degree or another, know that people who fit the “prescription”, are those who pose no threat to the status quo. Had I simply read and believed what Wikipedia, Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and others wrote about Dr. Shabazz, I would have never sought him out to observe him in several venues to see if he was and is for real. The one thing I can honestly say about Attorney Shabazz is this: he is consistent in his love of Black people and his continuous fight to assist in the dismantling of white supremacy and its intended destruction of Black people. I for one, truly understand “divine assignments” from God…you can’t help yourself.

For more information about the upcoming National Black Men’s Convention, go to, or Black Lawyers for Justice website.



Press Release: National Men’s Convention To Be Held

Cornel West and Malik Zulu Shabazz call for 10,000 Black men


By Doshon Farad

Washington, D.C.-Since Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 2015 call for “10,000 Fearless Black men” to secure black communities across America, several organizations and activists have attempted to replicate his idea.

One such organization is Black Lawyers for Justice founded and headed by Washington, D.C. based organizer Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz. On October 5th he along with scholar and social justice activist Dr. Cornel West and others held a “Kick Off rally” announcing the “10,000 Black Men’s Convention/March” set to take place in D.C. from April 18-22, 2018.

According to the upcoming event’s sponsoring group-its primary focus is on “Mobilizing & Organizing” the black community, the men in particular, who organizers say should be taking more of a lead role in the affairs of Black America.

Amidst racial profiling, self-genocide, police shootings, missing girls, and the Alt-Right Movement, etc. many observers have described Black America as currently being in a crisis state. Participants in the October 5th evening rally addressed these among other concerns.

It took place at the historic Thurgood Marshall Center, and it featured a diverse and dynamic line-up of organizers from the D.C. area and as far away as Philadelphia. The rally included several speakers as well as a panel consisting of black men addressing national community concerns.

Attorney Shabazz who has been mass organizing since his days at Howard University in the late 80s made his reasons very clear for calling the march. Among these was President Donald J. Trump.

“We must have a black men’s movement. At a time when the President of the United Snakes of America, who has a long litany and train of abuses, out of his filthy and foul mouth steps up and calls black men (our brothers) who are acting in a spirit of tradition and defiance and protest that we have had to engage in since we were first dragged to the Hells of America, ‘sons of bitches’, I say we must have a black men’s movement.”

Shabazz made very clear that April’s upcoming event wasn’t narrow. “Those who are here love the black man. This movement isn’t just for black men but it’s focused on black men . . . We need a movement that will rise up and crush the opponents of black people’s rise.”

He mentioned black women as also being a primary focus of a black men’s movement.

“Black women are looking for a man that will protect them and our future.”

This, of course, was addressing concerns voiced by many black women across the country regarding the issue of abuse at the hands of black men as well as finding suitable mates.

Shabazz concluded his opening statements by emphasizing unity. “We have to have a united front. We don’t care anything about religion.”

Co-Organizer of the April 2018 event, Dr. Cornel West addressed the gathering for a few minutes. He emphasized that the principle of love is the motivating factor behind the convention/march’s goals.

“I like to be wherever folks are loving black people . . . White Supremacy has become so ubiquitous that it’s time for folks to unify. Under White Supremacy Black love is a crime”, he said.

West mentioned the danger involved with loving the black community.

“If you love black people you get criminalized because you’re willing to do something. You’re willing to take a risk. You’re willing to pay a cost. You’re willing to be with folks who are unpopular.”

The former Princeton Professor mentioned past prominent black figures as an example.

“Nat Turner loved black people, therefore, they viewed him as a criminal. Martin Luther King Jr. loved black people. Malcolm loved black people. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad loved black people. Marcus Garvey internalized black love. That’s what we need in 2017 and 2018. This love has got to come from every religion, every nook and cranny, every city, every suburb, and techno borough. It has to be a global thing.”

He later gave a sharp critique of the current Black leadership.

“Black leaders are up for sale. Too many black people are willing to sell their souls for a mess of pottage.”

West concluded his remarks by telling his audience that the 10,000 Fearless Convention/March and every past similar event that was organized in America by black people focused on black youth.

“These marches are a love letter to the younger generation in the form of struggle. Let the ones coming after you know that you have memories of being loved.”

D.C. area-based Attorney Dr. Amy Jenkins who helped organize the evening’s rally expressed support and confidence while simultaneously voicing concern.

“My curiosity is if whether or not the brothers are really sincere. I would like to know if they’re willing to put things aside such as ego and the power struggle to really come together in a united front. I often question this united front because we have let White Supremacy divide us in so many ways.”

Jenkins issued a challenge to black men.

“Are the brothers really ready to stand up and come together and make a strategic plan. Are they ready to educate? Are they ready to show economic power and what it means to make a living, and improve themselves in a business-like fashion?”

Rally speakers also included D.C. Recovery Act Founder John Cheeks, D.C. Activist James Shabazz, Straight Black Pride Movement Founder Irritated Genie, Alliance of Concerned Men Founder and Executive Director Tyrone Parker, Baltimore based “Success Scholar” Haki  ShakurAmmi, Ministers for Defense Founder Pastor Ted Sutton, and Philadelphia Activist and Author Mitchell Chance.

Cornel West and Malik Zulu Shabazz call for 10,000 Black men

Corey Long, the Black Man Wielding a Flamethrower to Protect Another Man in Charlottesville, Va., Is Arrested


Corey Long, the black man captured in the most iconic photo from the white nationalist march on Charlottesville, Va., two months ago, has been arrested on charges of assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Lt. Stephen Upman, a Charlottesville police spokesman, said the disorderly conduct charge is related to the makeshift flamethrower and the assault and battery charge is related to a separate skirmish during the rally.

In an exclusive interview with The Root shortly after the rally, Long said he acted in self-defense and was protecting an old man sitting next to him, whom scores of white supremacists were attacking.

“At first it was peaceful protest,” Long said softly as he spoke. “Until someone pointed a gun at my head. Then the same person pointed it at my foot and shot the ground.”

Long said the only weapon he had was a can of spray paint that a white supremacist threw at him earlier, so he took a lighter to the spray paint and turned it into a flame thrower. And a photographer snapped the photo.

In an exclusive interview with The Root shortly after the rally, Long said he acted in self-defense and was protecting an old man sitting next to him, whom scores of white supremacists were attacking Long is the second black counterprotester to be arrested in relation to the Charlottesville melee. The Los Angeles Times reports that Charlottesville police investigators arrested Long, 23, of Culpeper, Va., on Friday. DeAndre Harris, who had his head beaten in by white supremacists, was arrested a day before for “unlawful wounding,” as earlier reported by The Root.


Corey Long, the Black Man Wielding a Flamethrower to Protect Another Man in Charlottesville, Va., Is Arrested

BLACK MEN’S NATIONAL CONVENTION NEWS CONFERENCE 10,000 Black Men’s Movement March to be announced



Washington, (DC) – October 13, 2017 – On the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March, an important national news conference will take place at 12 Noon on Monday, October 16 at Cheers at the Big Chair Restaurant located 2122 Martin Luther King Avenue SE Washington DC. There will be an official announcement of the upcoming 10,000 Black Men’s March and National Black Men’s Convention set for April 18-22, 2018 in SE Washington, DC. More than twenty national and local leaders of organizations will attend to discuss their well-prepared agenda:
1. Murders in Washington, DC
2. Donald Trump and his attacks on Black men
3. Gentrification and Black depopulation in DC
4. Crime in Baltimore, Maryland
5. Racism and persecution in Charlottesville, Virginia
6. The 2018 election; and more.

The 10,000 Black Men’s March will take place in southeast Washington, DC on Saturday – April 21, 2018 – Cheers at the Big Chair Restaurant. This will be the largest march in urban District of Columbia history. Organizers will lead the march down DC’s toughest streets: Good Hope Road, Minnesota Avenue, East Capitol Street, Benning Road, H Street NW and will eventually end-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, DC at Donald Trump’s door.###

BLACK MEN’S NATIONAL CONVENTION NEWS CONFERENCE 10,000 Black Men’s Movement March to be announced